Work in progress:

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  • May-2015 Work ongoing with the fast road/track mini.

    Basically it's easier at the moment to just point you over to the page detailing all the work over here

  • Apr-2015 Some sense of achievement with positive progression.

    Finally after some forward and backward steps managed to figure out the panels and hinges get them fitted and secured. Now the other side to finish and then get on with body prep for paint.

  • Mar-2015 Struggling with the front panels

    And yes I do mean struggling. I am trying to get everything lined up and tacked together before making it a flip front as I want to be able to swap from metal to fibreglass depending upon driving mode (road vs track).

  • Mar-2015 Playing with HTML/CSS

    Lots of scratching head - frustration and re-editing to try and get this all looking and functioning properly!