Welcome to the mini-xs webpage

mini_xs decal

I have owned at least 1 mini since 1988, the most I have had at one time is 4 and I'm currently at 3 although one is a parts donor. I also have a range of other cars including a Triumph TR4 & TR7 but for more about that read elsewhere.

The current and on-going project is for a 1275 fast road/track spec that was started back in 2006; I managed to spend some time on last summer; I am aiming, and hope to have finished for summer 2017.

As the other functioning mini is parked up in England I need to figure out how best to recover that and give it some much needed love an attention.

The idea of these pages is to have it as an on-going documentation of the progress as well as it being here for reference in the future, and in addition I got bored of the old style webpage!