The minis in order of aquisition:

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  • UHO317V

    My first mini bought in 1988 from a friend and turned into a rally car and did 2 rallies in it before houses, marriage and children bought an end to a promising rally career :) Obviously quite a number of changes and requirements to be met to get the RAC log book - somewhere I've probably got a list of all of it.

  • D726PVS

    I bought this one in London and then drove and ferried it over to Sweden where it spent a number of years to then be sold on in Sweden. Fortunately this was prior to countries exchanging driver information on parking tickets - I had quite a collection. Didn't ever do too much to this one put in a stage 1 kit and changed the suspension struts was about all. Pictured here in Nynashamn.

  • CXI 380 (SPK257R)

    This has been my baby since 1999 - I bought this one from Surrey Mini (was at the old premesis of Cooper Garages) it was a horrible yellow and had no chance of MOT pass - even back then. Drove it from Surrey down to Dorset on a hot summer's day with my young son to get it fixed up to pass the MOT - fortunately a mate was an MOT inspector :) See further history and specs on it's own page.
    CXI380 Page

  • G567WTN

    Bought this as a runner - we decided to do a little bit of work to get it tidied up and then got carried away. In essence this one is effectively scrapped as the shell is being re-used for HJM555.
    G567WTN Page

  • HJM555

    A Swedish mini bought in May 2005 - however this one was as you can see pretty rotten - after much head scratching decided to reshell and reuse what I can in the fast road/track one.
    HJM555 Page

  • HPZ835

    Another Swedish one - but a 1275GT. Purchased in January 2009 and sold in February 2014. I did a reasonable amount to this one - gave it a respray, new brakes, new suspension, upgraded to electronic ignition, fitted K&N filter mini-spares heated inlet changed to twin pipe exhaust and probably lots more besides. Didn't really want to get rid of it but I hadn't used it for 2 years and we needed the money to buy a house in Spain so off it went.