CXI380 - 1380cc Mini

I bought the car in May 1999 from Surbiton Mini (now I think closed). It was a sort of lime yellow, the electrics didn't work, the exhaust was not mounted properly and the brakes were dodgy. Over the next 18 months some changes and improvements were made including a colour change (Jaguar metallic red with a Peugeot White roof), Koni suspension, timing belt, competition clutch, as well as the electrics being sorted out. I did the London to Brighton Run in 2000 and after that nothig much. It has left been left standing around since 2001 until November last year (2006) when I got round to spending a bit of time on it to get it running again and again a few days in May to get it sorted for Gurston Down School (Video) and London to Brighton 2007. In the last year a new SU carb and K&N Filter have been fitted, upgraded to electronic ignition with a new coil. The latest changes made have been to fit MG metro front brakes assembly with EBC grooved discs, new seats and refit the dashboard.